During last 11 December 09 was our 4th anniversary .. wow how time passed  by so fast… sekejap je dah 4 thn kami melayari kehidupan berumah tangga…

i’m so thankfull because i was given such a wonderfull husband like mine.. he is my best life partner… thanx alot for always being there everytime I need you..

Thank you Sayang for the great gift.. i’ll use it wisely okay… but you have to teach my how to use it more… because if you don’t the outcome will not be as great as yours… I hope you will use my gift to win more tournament 🙂

Further more .. this is the greatest annivesary cause kami menyambutnya bertiga (unofficially)… doakan everything will be fine during my due date on June.

Thank you for being a great husband, the best buddy and hopefully you will be a loving father! Thank you for the surprise roses yang sayang hantar kat office! Love u alot Mr Zaid Baharuddin!